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Secure payment

Our secure payment

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Using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

There are several ways to pay for your purchase. Choose the most suitable for you.

• Cash payment
At our cash desk when picking up your merchandise: most common type of payment.

• Online card payment
If you are the owner of an embossed Visa or MasterCard you may use it to pay for goods from our shop from anywhere online. Discounted e-shop prices apply for this type of payment. (Visa Electron and Maestro cards may be used as well, however only by the holders of cards issued in foreign countries, not in the Czech Republic).

• eBank payment
Method of payment for eBank clients. Payments will go through a few minutes later. If you have an account with another type of bank, the money transfer could take up to several days.  After checking out you will automatically receive a payment order with all the necessary data so that you can process your payment smoothly.

• Online eBank payment
This payment is only for eBank clients. Payments will go through a few minutes later. After checking out you will be automatically redirected to an online eBank portal where, after logging in, you just need to confirm the prefilled payment order. Your order is registered from the moment we receive the amount in our account. The purchase will be processed automatically.